Details on Addyi and review

This article goes into a bit of detail about a product known as Addyi, which is described to be a pill that eros regained. It is known to be the pink Viagra to women. Men used Viagra to assist them with any faulty or trouble they may have on their end, mainly focusing on their body but Addyi is described to take a slightly more advanced approach when used by women. Instead of merely effecting the body, it is described to go toward a metaphysical level when one takes it, it mainly targets the woman’s brain chemistry in an attempt to boost her desire. A lackluster libido is said to happen to women at any age between 20 and beyond, similarly to how men may have a low sex drive and might have to look to Viagra or other pills, medicines or therapy to help boost up their drive as well. The reviewer of this article claimed that she was in need of Addyi but obtaining it was a struggle for her.

She had to go to several visits to the doctor that had to do with her low sex drive before she was able to get her hands on it. When she managed to achieve Addyi there were said to be a couple of side effects when taking it. This would include dizziness as well as possibly faining, she was advised to stay away from any type of alcohol when taking Addyi for a while. This product seems to be an ideal tool for women who have a low sex drive or even no sex drive and wishes to find proper aid to assist them with it. It is advised to connect your doctor before taking this tool just to be on the safe side.


The New Viagra For Females

Addyi-Female Viagra

Addyi is the latest limbo stimulant for women. This pill was designed and formulated to aid in sexual dysfunction in women, much like the infamous Viagra for men for sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction. Addyi works on a woman’s brain chemistry to boost her desire for sex, while Viagra for the male works on the mechanics involved in a man achieving an erection. Addyi is packaged in a pink and gray pinstriped bottle of peach colored pills. Addyi is the first medication receiving medical approval for sexual dysfunction in women that have not reached menopause yet.

How Do You Get The Addyi Medication

This is just a pill, with undocumented claims, sitting in the aftermarket pill section of your local drug store or WalMart. This is a medication that can only get obtained with a physician’s prescription. This use of the medication should be preceded by a thorough examination by your physician. Your physician should check your blood pressure, hormonal balance, and the functions of your kidneys and liver, as possible side effects from the medication could affect those functions. The list of possible warnings should be reviewed by your doctor and your pharmacist before starting this medication. Also, use of alcohol when on the medication should be avoided as dizziness and fainting can be some of the side effects. Most physicians will have the patient sign a consent form not to intake alcohol when using Addyi.

Does It Work?

Before the FDA granted approval for use on Addyi, research showed that the drug brought about arousal in women for sex, in their body and in the brain. This is accomplished by the chemical sildenafil, an active ingredient in Addyi. Another chemical is also used in Addyi, bremelanotide is a manmade hormone that triggers the active receptors neurologically in the female.

The jury is still out on how well this Addyi works. That being said, Addyi, does mark the fact this is first prescription approved by the FDA for female sexual dysfunction. Only time, like Viagra for men it’s first years, will show how well it works.